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2 Chainz Makes A Huge Claim About The Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd

2 Chainz Makes A Huge Claim About The Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd

Rapper 2 Chainz shared a new photo on his Instagram page and made a huge claim about former Minneapolis police officer who arrested after killing George Floyd.

George Floyd murdered by a white police officer named Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis during Floyd’s custody.

The rapper compared the close-up photo of the police officer before killing George Floyd and the mugshot photo of him, claiming that the two images do not belong to the same person.

You can see in the photo that it pointed out to the hairstyle of the cop with the mark of the white circles and it was claimed that the hairstyles of him were different from each other. 2 Chainz made some claims and asked reasonable question over these the compared photos:

“1. I know they say all black people look alike, but honestly, this must be a throwback pic of the killer.

2. Where is the video of him being arrested?

3. Which jail he went too because I thought they burned the precinct down!!!”

The rapper also said that four police officers must be charged with murder. He continued:

“All you gotta do is charge 4 People with murder and let them take it a trial or whatever, but every day they don’t it’s gone be bad.”

An Instagram follower nicknamed shemise.amor responded to his claims and wrote:

“That’s most definitely the same nose, it’s the angle.”

Another user nicknamed yeaaimrich__ didn’t agree with the rapper’s theory:

“I think it’s a younger pic but it does look different.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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