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50 Cent Reacts To America’s Double Standard After Trump Supporters Occupied US Capitol Building

50 Cent Reacts To America’s Double Standard After Trump Supporters Occupied US Capitol Building

New York rapper 50 Cent shared an engrossing photo on his verified Twitter account after he watched the recent news of the riot in the US Capitol Building which was taken over by pro-Trump mobs.

On Wednesday, the pro-Trump mobs occupied the US Capitol Building in Washington DC. This riot came after President Donald Trump’s call on his social media accounts. Trump pointed to the House of Representatives meeting on January 6, on Twitter, and told his supporters to come to the US capitol to protest the elections.

However, no protest took place as Trump had thought, and riots occupied the US Capitol Building. When the police were incapable of responding to the riots, Trump posted a video message on Twitter, urging his fans to return home. However, when the riots did not return home, the National Guard came at the president and ended the protests.

The inadequacy of the police against the protesters and their failure to take the necessary intervention revealed that there is a double standard on social media. People have argued that if they were black Americans who occupied the Capitol Building, the police would use a harsher method.

One of those who agreed with this idea was rapper 50 Cent. He shared a photo taken during the Black Lives Matter protests and reacted to this double standard. In the photo, the National Guards were keeping the Capitol Building very tidy and no protesters were allowed in. Fifty is speechless and summed up everything in a single sentence.

Here’s what 50 Cent said:

“I don’t have to say anything else.”

Many followers and fans stopped in the comment section to share their thoughts about the US Capitol riot.

On the other hand, he also shared a photo of a pro-Trump supporter stealing a lectern from the US Capitol building and captioned it:

“BLM wasn’t invited,Trump told us to stop by the crib, Hi mom just re decorating.😆#bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”

A Twitter user commented:

“They had a history of rioting, looting, and burning down buildings. These Trump sycophants did not. I don’t think there were a lot of people who saw this coming from them.”

Another wrote:

“That’s because they weren’t destroying things. Today they are just protesting.”

Check out the Twitter and Instagram post below.

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