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50 Cent Reveals Pop Smoke’s Sweet Desire About His Mother

50 Cent Reveals Pop Smoke’s Sweet Desire About His Mother

Legendary New York rapper 50 Cent produced Pop Smoke’s posthumous album “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon.” Fifty also worked with Pop Smoke on the song The Woo. When the album came out, it managed to feel like a Pop Smoke project.

After the album was released, it dominated the charts and was an incredible success. But behind the scenes, it appears that Pop Smoke’s team was trying to drive 50 Cent away from the posthumous album.

In a recent interview with Kris Kaylin, the rapper shared his thoughts on an album by Pop Smoke. He said:

“Steven was originally Pop’s manager and the label person he was signed to. He spoke to me about the new record. I’m not sure if I’ll participate with that record. I just wanted to make sure that his record did what it was supposed to.

My interaction with Pop was that he was looking at me like I could tell him the right way to go and everything would work based on what I was saying.

It’s unfortunate that it actually happened. It’s like the other side of it — when I’m coming up early on, I’m so connected to the environment that everything in the environment I’m subjected to the same.”

When 50 Cent spoke in person with Pop Smoke before he died, the late rapper said that he wanted to take his mother to an awards ceremony. Fifty said:

“So even with my success in music, I’m still subjected to everything the neighborhood is subjected to. Cause of who I’m standing next to. In Pop’s scenario, personally, he told me he wanted to take his mom to an award show.

Outside of producing the record and having it perform well, I did all the promotion for that record to have it work. They would have put it out and you’d have to find it out of basic interest.”

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