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50 Cent Says ‘Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth Coke Head’ To James Cruz By Refusing His Claims

50 Cent Says ‘Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth Coke Head’ To James Cruz By Refusing His Claims

50 Cent is not only one of the wealthiest rappers, but he is also an entrepreneur who owns businesses besides his music career. After being in the music industry for many years, he jumped into the beverage industry. 50 Cent, who was very angry with the criticisms made on this subject in a television show recently, virtually fulminated against James Cruz via his official Instagram account.

50 Cent, the owner of the Formula 50 beverage, which is still on the market, partnered with Glacéau for his Vitaminwater brand in the early 2000s, and after the share he bought, he started promoting, Formula 50, the grape-flavoured version of the beverage to make it popular among young people. Reportedly 50 Cent made an estimated $100 million, but he never disclosed how much he made in the deal.

A music and marketing executive, James Cruz, who used to work with 50 Cent along with the late Chris Lighty, was one of the people who helped 50 Cent get in the Vitaminwater business. Cruz made some claims and said that they had until midnight to sign the final contract or it was over, so he made a run to the parking lot to get the signature required to approve the deal with 50 Cent and give it back to Glacéau on time.

After Cruz’s claims, 50 Cent got really pissed off and wrote a very angry message in a post on his Instagram.

Here’s what he said:

“This guy never managed me, I don’t fuck with Cruz like that. He a whole Rat told on D Rock in the little Kim, Fox Hot 97 shit. (Like 😳yo come out from behind the red car they got us. ) LoL @ericnicks is solid, but what the fuck he doing wit that fool? 🤔 keep my name out ya mouth coke head. Talking about chris was your man you a sucker don’t get me started “

Check out the post below.

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