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A$AP Ferg Reveals The Details Of His Relationship With A$AP Rocky: “I Got A Real Relationship”

A$AP Ferg Reveals The Details Of His Relationship With A$AP Rocky: “I Got A Real Relationship”

One of the most upset celebrities for ASAP Rocky after his terrible incident in Sweden was, of course, his best friend, ASAP Ferg.

During a recent interview with Billboard, Rocky’s close friend and rapper ASAP Ferg has revealed the details of their real friendship. 

ASAP Ferg first stated that he always talked to him about mental health. He said:

“I always do. I mean, out of all people, I don’t know everybody’s relationship with Rocky.”

‘Plain Jane’ rapper mentioned about his relationship with Rocky. He continued:

“But I got a real relationship with Rocky. It’s so real that every time we’re together, we don’t post we’re together. Some people just think we don’t fuck with each other sometimes because they don’t see us together and shit. Like, no, we have a real relationship and shit.

Regardless if I was A$AP or not, that’s my brother. That’s my brother. Nobody can’t talk to him about what we’re going through the way I can. Nobody else on the team can really have certain conversations with Rocky except for me, because I’ve experienced certain things on a certain level.”

He also talked about him being closer to what people think. Ferg said:

“Also, nobody on the outside is close enough to talk to Rocky the way I talk to him. So I’m talking to him like, “You good? How’s the family?” Just everything. His home being invaded, and just, everything — that shit can drain you out mentally, and that shit can make you mad paranoid. If you smoking mad weed, that shit can make you go on 10. I know how that can feel.”

ASAP Ferg always someone who wants to make sure all his brothers are good. He stated:

“We spend time together, too. I spent time at his crib. We were working out and was chilling for like two weeks together. He came to Harlem and stayed at my crib. He stayed for about a week. We make it happen and I always make sure my brother is good. All of my brothers. “

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