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Aaron Paul Shares “Intimacy” Moment With Bryan Cranston

Aaron Paul Shares “Intimacy” Moment With Bryan Cranston

Successful American actor, Aaron Paul has posted a new photo on his official Instagram account and revealed an intimacy photo with his long-time friend “Bryan Cranston”.

They have drunk alcohol on the beach, and made a sincere confabulation with together.

Here is what Aaron Paul wrote about the photo:

“Drink well. Drink responsibly. How are you drinking your @doshombres ? 🥃
@aniprivateresorts @godomrep
📷 @heretosaveyouall.”

A fan named justinlong penned this caption:

“I don’t necessarily have one specific way of drinking MY @doshombres except that I have to be wearing all white and casually relaxing by a beautiful sunset…

Preferably with Bryan Cranston (but Corbin Bernsen will also suffice).”

Another user named kmstivers commentend and said:

“I can’t because it’s only in NY and CA! Expand please!”

See the Instagram post below:

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