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Aaron Paul’s Latest Photo With Bryan Cranston Reminds Fans Of The Good Old Days Of ‘Breaking Bad’

Aaron Paul’s Latest Photo With Bryan Cranston Reminds Fans Of The Good Old Days Of ‘Breaking Bad’

Aaron Michael Paul, known for his role as Jesse Pinkman in the television series Breaking Bad, thrilled the fans of the legendary series with the latest photo he shared with Bryan Cranston via his Instagram account.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are two actors who settled in our memories with the characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in one of the best TV series in the history of television.

The first episode of Breaking Bad was broadcast on January 20, 2008, and continued for five seasons, but even after it ended, its effects continued to this day. In 2013, it entered the Guinness World Records book as the highest-rated series of all time. The show has reached such a success that tours are held around Albuquerque, the Breaking Bad filming locations where the series was filmed.

After all these success, the excitement of the fans of the series continues even 12 years after the airing of the series. The fans writing comments on Paul’s latest post can be considered as proof of this huge success.

Here’s an example of the most-liked comment coming from a fan of Breaking Bad:

“In another world, this is Walt and Jesse in Alaska.”

Aaron Paul shared his photo with Cranton, and together they are wearing denim, sitting around a fire and drinking the finest Mezcal. This post of Paul, who said cheers to everyone, reminded the followers of the good old days of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and they imagined the photo as their favourite characters are spending time together in another world in Alaska.

Here’s another fan’s comment:

“What a shot The 2 legends back at it again cooking up …”

Skylar Petrah commented:

“My favourite people of all time !!! Mr Heisenberg and Jesse.”

Check out the post below.

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