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Adele Says She Would Rather Make Music For Her Peers Instead Of TikTok Users

Adele Says She Would Rather Make Music For Her Peers Instead Of TikTok Users

Artists are very convenient to make music for the social media application TikTok in order to become famous in a short time, but British singer Adele doesn’t seem to be too interested in going viral on TikTok. As the singer has just divorced and has a new relationship with Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James’ sports manager Rich Paul, she seems ready to share all aspects of her music with the world.

Especially with the 2020 coronavirus quarantine, artists experienced the golden age of their careers thanks to TikTok. Viral song tracks helped artists achieve RIAA-certified plaques and garner significant followers.

Adele talked about this topic with Zane Lowe and she clearly stated that she would rather make music for her peer instead of TikTok users. She said:

“The conversation of TikTok came up a lot, so I’m like, ‘TikTok who? But they’re like, ‘We’ve got to make sure these 14-year-olds know who you are.’ I’m like, ‘But they’ve all got mums.’ They’ve definitely been growing up listening to my music. If everyone’s making music for the TikTok, who’s making the music for my generation? My peers?”

She continued:

“I will do that job, gladly, I’d rather cater to people that have like, are on my level in terms of the amount of years we’ve spent on earth and the things we’ve been through. I don’t want 12-year-olds listening to this record. It’s a bit too deep. There are 30 and 40-year-olds that are all committing to themselves and doing therapy. That’s my vibe.”

Check out the video clip below.

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