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Alex Rodriquez Celebrates Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday With Charming Video

Alex Rodriquez Celebrates Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday With Charming Video

Latin music diva Jennifer Lopez, who turned 50 on Wednesday, she shared the most special moments from her birthday party last night on social media. US singer and actress Jennifer Lopez turned 50 on Wednesday. Lopez’s birthday party was held in Miami last night at the $ 32 million estates of Latin singer Gloria Estefan. Lopez’s fiancé, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez has completed every detail of the party. Rap, sports, and cinema world rained the stars.

Alex Rodriguez, who has engaged to Lopez 4 months ago, also spoke at the party and talked about how much she loved her.

Arod also shared a birthday message to Jennifer Lopez on Instagram. He said he was tired of dancing in a humorous way. He stated:

“Jennifer’s done 28 shows in about 58 days. She has two more here domestically here in Miami. Last night for her birthday, it was a big one, it was 50. I danced for about an hour and seven minutes. I couldn’t get out of my bed tonight. I’ve iced. I’ve done cryo. I got stretched. I got a massage. Steam. Sauna. I’ve been drinking coffee all day. I’m a mess. She went out there and destroyed it in Miami. Killed it, like if she slept ten hours. Am I the only one that can’t recover anymore? Does it suck to get old or what?”

Watch Alex Rodriquez’s message below.

You can also find the moments of JLo’s birthday party below.


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