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Alex Winter Uses A Bizarre Analogy To Explain His Relationship With Co-Star Keanu Reeves

Alex Winter Uses A Bizarre Analogy To Explain His Relationship With Co-Star Keanu Reeves

The ‘Bill & Ted’ story is getting ready to continue with a third movie. Alex Winter, who reunited with Keanu Reeves years later, talked about his feelings about this reunion.

Following Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, the duo’s new movie is called Bill & Ted Face The Music. The plot of the film is about the new adventure of Bill and Ted, who are inseparable. They come together with their passion for rock music and go on many adventures together. This time their mission is to save the planet and create a song for it. Will this song be enough to save the future? We will learn the answer after watching the movie. The release date of the film is uncertain at the moment.

One of the things that encouraged Winter to return to the sets was the chance to work with Reeves again, as well as the script of the story.

As mentioned before, Bill & Ted are inseparable characters in the movie, and the only place they had to fall apart was when they were in hell. Winter thinks that their real-life bond and harmony with each other helps them to strengthen the characters they play. Winter gives an example with a musical analogy to describe his relationship with Reeves.

Here’s what he said:

“I think it’s very similar to being in a band. I suck as a musician, so I’m not trying to elevate myself, especially given I’m speaking to NME! That being said, we both play bass. When you’re a rhythm section, it’s really all about how you work with the drums, right? If you’re not in a groove, it’s just gonna be horrible.”

He continued:

“If you are, you can go to some really beautiful places. Reeves and I just play well together, so that makes performing these characters as sort of one person broken into two kinds of effortless.”

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