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Alicia Keys Explains Where Her Confidence Came From As A Black Woman

Alicia Keys Explains Where Her Confidence Came From As A Black Woman

Grammy award winner, American singer, songwriter, composer, musician, producer, and actress, Alicia Keys, recently gave an interview in which she told the unknowns about herself.

Keys has always been an artist who attracted attention with her self-confidence. She has been known for years with both the strength of her voice and her strong character. In the past years, she also made a no make-up challenge by attending even the most special invitations without make-up and emphasized that women can feel beautiful without make-up.

As a black woman, Keys explained that she reinforced and developed this self-confidence with what she learned from exemplary people she met when she was young and showed that success can be achieved with hard work in any condition.

Keys, who started the piano at the age of seven, continued her musical career with jazz music at the age of fourteen. She went to the Professional Performing Arts School. Keys, who said she was always late for school, found a mentor and started working with the composer and arranger L Aziza Miller. ‘Miss Aziza,’ in Keys’ phrase, taught her how to make arrangements, how to be self-confident, and how to be a strong woman by just being who you are.

Here’s what she said:

“It was so cool to be able to ingest what she had as a young, aspiring artist who’s also playing piano. And as a black woman, it’s so cool to see a reflection and to see people who can do what you really want to do.”

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