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Alicia Keys’ Intentions Came True As She Lit A Candle For US Senate Elections In Georgia

Alicia Keys’ Intentions Came True As She Lit A Candle For US Senate Elections In Georgia

Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Alicia Keys posted a video of herself revealing that she is a candle fanatic and sent her best intentions for the Georgia elections, which came true, on her Instagram account.

In 2020, Alicia Keys launched her wellness brand Keys Soulcare and it included candles that smell really good. The 39-year-old musician always points out in her speeches that she wants to spread good vibes to those who had a bad year and believes that taking a moment to sit and make intentions is helpful while lighting her candles.

On Monday, before the Georgia elections, which has great importance because even if Joe Biden is elected president of the United States, this election will determine which party will control the US Senate, the successful singer took Instagram to share a video in which she looked stunning as always with her animal ruched blouse and braided long hair sitting in front of a piano.

As can be seen in the video, Alicia Keys lights a candle and makes an intention for the new year. She describes the smell of the candle as ‘change‘ and she states that she is proud of her fam in Georgia who showed up for the election and voted.

Here’s the caption:

“Setting my intention for the new year! We are the change we want to see! Proud of my fam in Georgia today! Thank you for showing up for all of us!! Let’s get it 💥💥💥⁣⁣
Reply below if you’ve voted so I can send you some good energy!!! 😘😘😘”

The good energy that Alicia Keys sent to the universe became true and the first winner in the senatorial election in Georgia state became Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock, while the other Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff is gradually widening the gap.

The fans of Alicia Keys head to comments sections to tell her that they voted for the future of their country.

One of the fans wrote:

“Love this. Setting all the intentions with you today!!!! XOXOXOXO”

Another fan said:

“You are a true inspiration to all of us. We love you”

Check out the post below.

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