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Alicia Keys Receives Fans’ Opinions While Revealing One Of The Serious Problems She Has With Son Genesis

Alicia Keys Receives Fans’ Opinions While Revealing One Of The Serious Problems She Has With Son Genesis

Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Alicia Keys posted a new photo with her 5-year-old son Genesis Ali Dean on her Instagram account while driving with her son asking a question to the mothers who suffered from the same situation.

Alicia Keys has been one of the artists who has spent a productive year in 2020 with the release of the book ‘More Myself‘ and album ‘Alicia.’ She is mostly known for her talents as a musician, but nowadays, she also launched her wellness brand Keys Soulcare.

Alicia Keys, 39, has always been an artist who attracted attention with her self-confidence. In the past years, she made a no make-up challenge by attending special invitations without make-up emphasizing that women can feel beautiful without it. Therefore, her skincare regime includes totally natural products focusing on natural beauty.

On Thursday, the successful singer, who spends time with her children during the rush of her daily life, shared the moments of her car ride with Genesis.

As it can be seen in the photo, Alicia Keys looks at her son Genesis, sitting in the back seat playing with his toy without his shoes on. Alicia Keys, on the other hand, jokingly complains that she wants her car to stay clean but Genesis takes off his shoes and always leaves dirt, dust, and food crumbs behind her car.

The singer stated that she would cover the inside of her car with plastic so that it would not get dirty almost like her grandmother and later stated that the time she spent with her son was more precious than anything else and that no one needed a clean car.

Here’s the caption:

“Every time I’m driving the boys somewhere Genesis puts his feet all over the back seat!! Sand, dirt from his shoes, food. Everywhere. It’s a mess. My clean car becomes a wreck ASAP!!! ⁣

Do y’all go through this?? I’m about to put plastic all over the car like gramma’s couch!! ⁣But one thing I know for sure… There’s no one I’d rather have messin’ up my shit.

The convos we have and our time together are priceless and who needs a clean car anyway?? Lol!! ⁣Tell me how your kids are in the car and what matters to you!”

At the end of her post, she asked her followers how they dealt with this situation and she got interesting answers.

One of her followers wrote:

“The chicken nuggets I always find under the seat. Priceless.”

Another follower wrote:

“Is just a car, children grow up so fast, every moment is priceless.”

Another follower wrote:

“here’s mud all over the back of my seat right now. I’m like PLEASE don’t rain again Not to mention the crumbs!”

Check out the post below.

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