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Alicia Keys Reveals How Her 9-Year-Old Son Egypt Reacted To The Death Of Kobe Bryant

Alicia Keys Reveals How Her 9-Year-Old Son Egypt Reacted To The Death Of Kobe Bryant

Grammy award winner singer/songwriter Alicia Keys recently gave an interview in which she told the unknowns about her life.

Keys mentioned her nine-year-old son, Egypt, in the interview and gave examples of how sensitive her son was to social events. She also explained that despite all the negativity and injustice in the world, she believes that all the children in the world are aware of what is going on around them and they are the final exit to seek justice. She believes in them which makes her look positively on life.

The whole world believes that 2020 is a cursed year. As we all know, many famous names, lost their lives, and some deaths brought social events with them. Keys’ son, like all other children in the world, is growing up in these events and witness them too.

Following all these deaths and struggles in the world, Keys, who recently saw her son drawing a picture, looked at the picture he had drawn and described the picture like the gates of heaven.

She saw that her son painted many names in the picture. One of them was the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant, who died with his daughter in the helicopter crash this year. As his death deeply upset the whole world, she also saddened Egypt and he wanted to draw Kobe Bryant.

Here’s what Alicia Keys stated:

“It had what looked like the gates of heaven and then he had Black Panther. He drew Kobe, he drew Juice Wrld, he drew Nipsey [Hussle]. My little son had just lost his pet lizard so he drew the lizard. He drew George Floyd and he drew Breonna Taylor. And that’s just from what he’s felt and what he’s been hearing and what he’s been exposed to.”

Egypt expressed his feelings by portraying social events. Alicia Key, says she sees her son and other children as a new generation who will provide justice despite all the evils that have developed in our world.

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