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Alicia Keys Wows Fans With Her New Year’s Eve Look As She Writes A Manifestation About Reflection For 2021

Alicia Keys Wows Fans With Her New Year’s Eve Look As She Writes A Manifestation About Reflection For 2021

Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Alicia Keys posted a new photo from her BBC New Year’s concert on her Instagram account while welcoming 2021 by singing, playing, and dancing with the world.

In 2020, Alicia Keys released every book called ‘More Myself,’ and also her album ‘Alicia.’ She has been one of the artists who has spent a productive year in 2020 because she also launched her wellness brand Keys Soulcare and started to give online courses on MasterClass.

On New Year’s Eve, the 39-year-old musician, mesmerized everyone with her natural beauty as well as the beauty of her voice as she gave a concert on BBC. She wanted to spread good vibes to those who were stuck in their homes waiting for 2021 to come and cherish their lives.

On Thursday, the successful singer took Instagram to share her stunning look for the concert and she looked dazzling with her specially designed jacket that she wore with the stony and boldly exhibited bustier.

As can be seen in the photo, Alicia Keys was looking at a mirror, so in the caption of the photo she began with writing, ‘Mirror mirror on the wall…’ and she continued by stating that she thought that line was a part from a fairytale, but she learned that speaking to yourself in a mirror and excepting yourself as a powerful person was very important.

Furthermore, Keys described that loving one’s self was a superpower and advised her followers to look deeply into what they see and focus on the changes they want for the new year. She also asked her followers for their manifestations for 2021.

Here’s the caption:

“Mirror mirror on the wall…⁣

We always thought that was a part of some fairytale but I really believe in speaking to yourself in the mirror. It’s so powerful to see yourself, just you and yourself, connected, eye to eye, heart to heart! Just looking and choosing to love yourself as you are is such a superpower!! ⁣

So, look deeply and love what you see, especially the things you want to change or wish were different! You are soooooo unbelievably special, so one of one… I see you and I admire your beauty! What a powerful time for reflection! What are u manifesting for 2021?? I 💜 hearing about you. Sending my love and light 💜🎉💜 Happy New Year!”

Alicia Key’s post received more than 172.330 likes and her followers wrote their manifestations in the comments section.

One of the followers wrote:

“im manifesting new opportunities for 2021💜 happy new year to you fav!!”

Another follower wrote:

“👉🏽✨👈🏽 Happy New Year beautiful soul! 2021 will be a beautiful manifestation of much hard work. 🙏”

Check out the post below.

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