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Ally Lotti’s Latest Videos Give Fans The Impression That Juice WRLD Is Still Alive

Ally Lotti’s Latest Videos Give Fans The Impression That Juice WRLD Is Still Alive

Today is the birthday of Juice WRLD, who passed away at the age of 21 after a seizure after the drug overdose at the Chicago airport in late 2019. His family and fans paid tribute on social media to commemorate him.

Of course, there was one of those who did not forget him and who would always love him. His girlfriend is Ally Lotti. To celebrate her late boyfriend’s 22nd birthday, she first posted many videos and photos on Instagram Stories. These videos and photos had never been seen before and included her special moments with Juice.

Then, Ally Lotti shared videos of herself riding an ATV in an empty field. As you might see in these videos, the 27-year-old showed off her riding skill at ATV while wearing a denim jacket with a portrait of Juice WRLD. Ally had a reason to celebrate his birthday with ATV riding; Juice had taught her to ride ATV.

Here’s what Ally Lotti said:

“Doing exactly what dad would want ✨ Missing you every single sec. Happy 22nd bbboy *taught j how to ride.”

These videos of Ally made fans think of something interesting. This post, which received many comments, made followers think of the impression of Juice WRLD as if it was in the videos with Ally. With these comments, Ally’s post gained a different meaning.

Here are the comments below.

An IG user named Hale commented:

“He’s literally I’m this video with you.”

Another fan named Davon wrote:

“Fly high juice.”

Watch the Instagram videos below.

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