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An Interesting Little-Known Thing About Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Was Revealed

An Interesting Little-Known Thing About Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Was Revealed

The costume designer Jeffrey Kurland explained how he designed the suits that the actors are wearing in the film ‘Tenet‘.

Kurland, who previously worked as a costume designer in films such as Inception and Dunkirk, said that Tenet was a new challenge for him. He read the script many times to understand what was going on throughout the story.

He also spoke about working with brands on the tailoring. He stated that it was all him and his tailors. He used his tailoring tips and tricks.

Here’s what he said:

All the suits are made, there is no bought suit. Even the Brooks Brothers suit, I have to say, was a bespoke suit.”

He explained that he wanted continuity in the outfits. Even though the Brooks Brothers suit was supposed to be in lower quality, Kurland new that he could make John David not look like Trump.

He continued:

“I didn’t want to all of a sudden throw a ringer in there. I want continuity. Even though that suit is supposed to be lesser quality and less impressive, I knew I could create that, and still have John David not look like Trump. But I chose Michael a navy- and midnight-blue suit with those yellows – the tie and a pocket handkerchief that just pop – so there was an elegance and a thoughtfulness to the way he dressed.”

He added:

“John David is in a warm, taupe-y brown plaid that I chose, and the tie is a repp tie, nothing special. Because in the next scene, boom, he’s going in to meet Kat, and he’s in that silver suit. It elevates immediately, and it comes right off Michael’s line.”

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