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Anne Hathaway Pays Tribute To Christopher Plummer: “I’m So Grateful For The Memories’

Anne Hathaway Pays Tribute To Christopher Plummer: “I’m So Grateful For The Memories’

Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway has paid her tribute to legendary actor Christopher Plummer following his unexpected death and penned down a respectful letter about the actor on her Instagram page.

Christopher Plummer, one of Hollywood’s famous actors, passed away. It was reported that the 91-year-old iconic actor died in his home in Connecticut yesterday evening.

According to the news announced by Plummer’s manager, when the 91-year-old Canadian actor died at his home in Connecticut yesterday evening, his wife Elaine Taylor was with him.

Known for films such as ‘The Sound of Music,’ ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and ‘Beginners,’ Plummer received the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ Oscar for his role in Beginner in 2012 when he was 82 years old. Plummer became the oldest actor to win this award.

Following his devastating death, many Hollywood stars mourned the legendary actor by sharing respectful posts on social media. One of them was Anne Hathaway.

Hathaway has shared a letter showing her respect for Plummer. In the letter, While working on the 2002 movie ‘Nicholas Nickleby,’ she talked about how he approached her during the filming. Hathaway was 19 when the movie was filmed, and she said that the late actor was calm, steady, generous, and very funny to her.

When Anne Hathaway won an Oscar in 2013, her award was announced by Plummer. She said that this moment made her feel very special. The 38-year-old actress, who says that the way she lives and the art he gives have inspired her forever, is very happy to spend time with him and added that she is very grateful for the memories.

Here’s what Anne Hathaway penned:

“You were so kind to me when we worked on Nicolas Nickelby. I was 19, you were you; I was shaking in my Victorian boots, you were calm, steady, generous, and so, so funny.

It felt so special when it was you who handed me my Oscar a decade later. I was still the one shaking in my shoes; somehow you were still keeping me steady just with your formidable, warm, loving presence.

In between you played Lear–my heart still pounds thinking of all the poetry you captured–and you conjured the performance of a lifetime in Beginners. Before all that, you were already a legend so many times over. I hope you felt all the love you created.

Rest In Peace, Christopher Plummer. I love the way you lived, and the art you gave–both have inspired me to no end. I’m so happy to have gotten to spend time with you, and am so grateful for the memories.”

See the Instagram post below.

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