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Anne Marie Pens The Heartening Message To The Fans

Anne Marie Pens The Heartening Message To The Fans

Successful singer Anne Marie has shared the heartening letter to the fans on Instagram. She reveals about physical defects of human.

In a statement from Instagram, she wrote:

“I will never say that you shouldn’t or can’t wear make up. If you wanna wear make up, wear it. If it makes you feel good. I repeat YOU.
But I dont want you to feel like you NEED it. Coz you dont. Your face is amazing. It is different and unique to anyone elses. People have pimples and birthmarks and scars. EVERYONE does.

These apps and magazines make people look so smooth and spotless and when you see them IRL they look different.
I would HATE for you to be nervous for people to see your real face.
You should be proud, with or without make up. Find what works for you.”

See the Instagram post below.

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