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Anne-Marie Stuns The People Who Are Suffering Amid The Pandemic: ‘I’m Sick Of Being Privileged’

Anne-Marie Stuns The People Who Are Suffering Amid The Pandemic: ‘I’m Sick Of Being Privileged’

Anne-Marie, one of the most beloved singers of recent times, did not stay idle during the pandemic process and released her new song ‘To Be Young‘ featuring Doja Cat in July. Recently, the 29-year-old singer made sincere statements about how she felt to be privileged.

Anne-Marie explained to her fans that even though she experienced the same things, she was quite uncomfortable with having privileges different from everyone else in these hard times when most of us were stuck in homes like the rest of the world.

In this sincere statement by Anne-Marie, she called out to the suffering people and explained that she dips her sandwiches in her drink like everyone else, has the habit of shaking her feet, she sits down on the sofa, cries in commercials and likes to walk through the woods and feels lucky to be safe.

Here’s what Anne-Marie said:

“I dip my sandwiches in my drink. I have a habit of wiggling my foot. I sit on the floor instead of the couch. I cry at adverts. I love walking in the forest. I am lucky to be safe.”

Later, while living such a normal life, the singer stated that if she was a different person living in different conditions that had bigger things to worry about, her life would be very different, adding that she was tired of being so privileged when others suffered. This statement from Anne-Marie showed how mature and thoughtful person she was.

She added:

“My life would be very different if I was a different human with a different set of circumstances with bigger things to worry about. I am sick of being so privileged when others are suffering.”

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