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Ari Lennox Makes An Epic Statement To Her Anti-LGBTQ Fans

Ari Lennox Makes An Epic Statement To Her Anti-LGBTQ Fans

Virginia native Ari Lennox is one of the celebrities who use social media continuously. Ari usually tweeted about racial profiling, mental health, and relationships.

Her more recent topic is her anti-LGBTQ fans. She told her homophobic and transphobic fans to unfollow her.

Ari’s thread started with the following tweet:

“I hate homophobic and transphobic people so much.”

“BMO” singer stated that “if you don’t support LGBTQ you don’t support me”. She continued:

I am also aware of how strong of a word hate is. So buzz off. If you’re homophobic and transphobic idfwu.

Please if you don’t support LGBTQ community, you don’t support me. You don’t support my family and the people I love. So all you delusional and fake religious/ self righteous weirdos unfollow and unsubscribe.

I don’t even understand how people don’t agree with LGBT lifestyle. That’s how intense I feel about it. Please foh.

Like simply fuck you. To be gay is beautiful. It is natural. One doesn’t have to experience trauma to be gay. Yes I believe people are born that way. Yes I hate people who hate gay people. If there is a God I believe he made us in his image and made no mistakes.

I don’t believe in “Gay Agenda”. No agenda can alter what is already innate. No religion or media or bully can convince me that true love is unnatural.

I have family members that didn’t show up to my own sister’s wedding because she married a woman. You can’t support your own flesh and blood because of years of unhealthy conditioning from religion and media. People really live their short lives in a mental prison.

People be so trapped in this mental prison and don’t even see they’re living a lie. Following rules that are made up…by man. People were gay from the beginning of time and will be long after we are gone.

Yep….reveal your filthy self righteous and delusional selves and kick rocks!

Also I’m not an atheist but obviously if you church people feel so bothered by my views, why the hell you listening to my raunchy secular music? Once again foh”

You can see the tweet thread below.


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