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Ari Lennox Responds To A Fan’s Bizarre Claim About Her Music Style

Ari Lennox Responds To A Fan’s Bizarre Claim About Her Music Style

R&B and Neo Soul singer Ari Lennox responded to bizarre claim about her music style on social media.

A fan claimed that she makes music for people that try to get sexy for their significant other and trip when they walk in the room.

Ari Lennox responded to fan and said that she didn’t agree with that. She wrote:

“This is unacceptable”

Check out thet tweets below.

About a month ago, Virginia native singer made an epic statement about homophobic fans and told homophobic and transphobic fans to unfollow her.

Ari’s thread started with the following tweet:

“I hate homophobic and transphobic people so much.”

“BMO” singer stated that “if you don’t support LGBTQ you don’t support me”. She continued:

“I am also aware of how strong of a word hate is. So buzz off. If you’re homophobic and transphobic idfwu.

Please if you don’t support LGBTQ community, you don’t support me. You don’t support my family and the people I love. So all you delusional and fake religious/ self righteous weirdos unfollow and unsubscribe.

I don’t even understand how people don’t agree with LGBT lifestyle. That’s how intense I feel about it. Please foh.”

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