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Ariana Grande Delights Fans With Her Support To Healthcare Professionals

Ariana Grande Delights Fans With Her Support To Healthcare Professionals

Grammy-winning pop star Ariana Grande has shared a new photo on Instagram Stories, paid her tribute healthcare professionals, who are battling with coronavirus disease, by referring a photo of an Instagram phenomenon named ‘Dude With Sign.’

As everyone knows, coronavirus is one of the biggest threats of human’s life. Currently, over 25 countries trying to deal with this disease and the outbreak become inevitable. Over 10K deaths have confirmed by the authorities and 88K of 246K cases have recovered. Health workers had a great role in combating this disease, and they continued their fight during the night and day.

‘Dude With Sign’ is a man who protests the things that annoy him by holding a banner in his hand. As you might see in the photo, ‘Dude With Sign’ holding a banner, which is saying ‘thank you, doctors, nurses, and medical staff’ and showed her respect and support the healthcare workers.

See the Instagram photo below.

Photo Credit: Ariana Grande – Instagram

Back on February 8, Ariana Grande has shared a recent photo of herself and revealed a very emotional letter that she penned for a new update about what’s going on over her life.

In the letter, Ariana thanked fans and mentioned about the pains that she faced. Here’s what she wrote:

“Making this project with so many dear friends quite literally saved my life and gave me the courage to be vulnerable and be honest with people. Thank you for making me feel heard, safe and incredibly human.”

Click here to read the full statement.

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