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Ashley Graham Reveals Her Pregnancy With A Sincerete Photo

Ashley Graham Reveals Her Pregnancy With A Sincerete Photo

One of the most popular models of America and the whole world, Ashley Graham‘s recent photos have been shared by the popular entertainment news site, TMZ TV.

As Ashley is preparing to have her second child these months, she showed the latest status of her pregnancy with the fans. Her lovely husband Justin Ervin did not make any comment about the post.

Here is what TMZ wrote about the photo:

“Ashley Graham has been intent upon showing the reality of pregnancy and postpartum life. The model put her stretch marks and scars on display, less than a month after she gave birth to her first child. “Same me. Few new stories,” she captioned the raw photo.”

A user named srannbe13 commented on the post:

“Search‎‎ your BF’s number on my bio and prepare yourself for the results…”

Another TMZ follower named angeladenise1980 commented:

“There’s a difference though this isn’t reality. She’s going through it with professional lighting cameras every comfort you can think of. And a couple nannies and assistants. That’s not real life.”

You may check out the recent photo of Graham below.

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