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Ashley Tisdale Takes Her Special Selfie Video Almost Without Any Makeup

Ashley Tisdale Takes Her Special Selfie Video Almost Without Any Makeup

The former Disney Channel star and singer, Ashley Tisdale, has posted yet another hot video belong to herself via her official and verified Instagram account and showed her beautiful face without excessive makeup to her followers.

In the recent video, Ashley was taking a special selfie video to belong to herself when she was traveling in the car and showing her unbelievable pure beauty to her followers and friends thanks to this video. As you can easily notice that she has not had excessive makeup on her face in the video.

This Instagram post of her has reached more than 45k likes in just one hour and her followers have written many comments about her amazing beauty. Also, she has made a statement to share how she was having this face? what did she do for it? with her fans.

Here’s the statement of her:

“Skin never looked so good ✨ I would love to say it’s just the products I use but I’ve been dairy-free for 5 years and I swear it changed everything with my skin.

I barely break out, I know it’s hard to give up something but when you do after a while you barely crave it and I feel healthier.”

A user named Bri Crista commented and surprised due to her beauty:

“So beautiful I really wanna try more harder to get my skin to look like this🥺.”

Another user named Ellie Hopes wrote this:

“That’s awesome! I’ve been contemplating giving up dairy … or severely limiting it.”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.

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