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Avengers’ Josh Brolin Reveals The Rare Truth Behind Tiger King

Avengers’ Josh Brolin Reveals The Rare Truth Behind Tiger King

Actor Josh Brolin, who is known for his role as Thanos in the Avengers series, has posted a rare photo on his official Instagram page and revealed a little-known story about the big cat breeding and his connection with wild animals following famous Netflix series Tiger King.

Josh Brolin shared a throwback photo of himself with a monkey while riding a motorcycle. In the statement, he said that he had the feeling of watching Sesame Street when he watched Tiger King and mocked the series.

The 52-year-old actor also said that he fed wild animals when he was a child and there were many accidents. He also added that it’s a really hard job and not a joke by stating that wild animals could hurt humans.

Here’s what Josh Brolin stated:

“When I watched TIGER KING I thought it was some lost episode of Sesame Street. I was feeding big cats and wolves when I was 7 years old. I used to get woken up by bobcats biting the fuck outta my cheeks and I’d run to my mother’s room and show her the blood. She called them ‘love bites’.

My brother was attacked by a timber wolf when he was 6. Sixty stitches in his leg and when my father said he was going to shoot the wolf my mother told him she’d shoot him if he did. I treated a cheetah with cancer and helped birth numerous mountain lions.

I’ve held mastodon horse shlongs on my shoulder helping to breed a great Appaloosa we had called Stud Spider. There were piles of shit all over our house and you’d hear someone gag loudly at least a few times a day.

It was insane growing up but, like in this picture, you didn’t know any different because you figured everyone was the same. Just because Mom had a chimp in the passenger’s seat and her kids in the back doesn’t mean she’s weird. She’s just Jane. This was across the street from Pozo Saloon around ’94, the year before my mom hit that tree and died.

I don’t remember going home after we entered that bar, but I think Reggie road with me. I do know my mom’s boyfriend ended up sleeping under a suburban in the parking lot at AJ Spurs.

Just figured it was all pretty normal until I left. So I came back.”

An Instagram fan named adelaida_botanicals commented and said:

“Well, we remember those days when Jane would drive by with Reggie! And how afraid he would get when he spotted our pigs, grazing in the field. ❤️”

Another fan named roseamrhein wrote:

“While you may have deep connections to these animals, they do not belong in a home. It promotes the pet trade and is dangerous to both humans and animals. By using this picture you are promoting others from doing the same. You are right, this isn’t normal and it should never be seen as normal. Someone with your platform should be aware of these things before essentially promoting risking behavior.”

See the Instagram post below.

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