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Avengers’ Thanos Actor Reveals A Rare Photo Of Himself From The Old Days

Avengers’ Thanos Actor Reveals A Rare Photo Of Himself From The Old Days

Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame actor Josh Brolin, who well-known with his role as Thanos, has shared a throwback photo on his official Instagram account, revealing a rare frame of himself from the old days.

If you look at the photo,  Josh has exposed a photo, which is taken for the cover of Teen Beat magazine. He appeared with a black sporty athlete and jeans while holding a skateboard in his hands.

Thanos actor also made a statement about The 2020 Academy Awards, which is held on 10 February in Los Angeles, and he expressed his sincere feelings about the ceremony.

Here’s what Josh Brolin stated:

“I’d like to thank The Academy for the Best Picture Oscar last night. It means so much to me, having the best photo. I just landed from the great country of New Zealand and I was in the air when word of my award came in. The big one. Wow.

Once I get reception I’ll do it myself but if you see anyone on the street that I might want to thank, please thank them for me. I am truly indebted for this most wonderful accolade. I am humbled and will work doubly hard in the future to assure that this undeserving status might someday feel earned. Thank you. Thank you.”

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus reacted this photo and said this:


Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld wrote this:

“I would totally make out with you. 2nd base, easy.”

See the Instagram photo below.

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