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Bebe Rexha Shares A Thank You Letter From Michelle Obama

Bebe Rexha Shares A Thank You Letter From Michelle Obama

Albanian singer Bebe Rexha shared a thank you letter from former First Lady Michelle Obama on Twitter.

Michelle Obama mentioned about the 2019 College Singing Day. She also thanked Bebe Rexha for supporting the students. Michelle Obama said the entire letter:

“Dear Bebe, thank you so much for supporting the 2019 College Singing Day. My team and I are so very grateful for all of the time and energy, the voice and compassion that you have contributed to helping our young people tap into their limitless potential. I started Reach Higher during my time as First Lady because I wanted young people to know that no matter what struggles they may face, continuing their education after high school is critical for their ongoing success. And because of your seemingly endless commitment and enthusiasm, these students can now aim a little higher a dream a little bigger.

We appreciate you, and we hope to keep working with side-by-side to advance our shared values and our shared vision for our brighter tomorrow. Barack and I wish you and your loved ones our very best.”

Bebe Rexha shared her letter with an emoji.

See the tweet and letter below.

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