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Bella Hadid Gives An Important Message And Sets An Example For Everyone

Bella Hadid Gives An Important Message And Sets An Example For Everyone

Famous supermodel Bella Hadid set an example for everyone by showing her support for the charity movement called ‘community refrigerators,’ one of the organizations that spread goodness and kindness, via her official Instagram account.

During these difficult times, the bad situations experienced brought many good actions with them. The support given by celebrities to this kind of aid and kindness movements is of great importance in terms of raising awareness of more people.

One of them is the refrigerators installed on the roadside and provide free fresh food for people in need who’s number has increased after the pandemic and have difficulty finding food.

Thanks to this outright help, which has been going on since January, many foods are saved from being wasted, while many people who are unemployed and cannot reach food are fed. Since New York is a city with a high population and a high hunger limit, these types of helpful ideas are very valuable for the people there.

The beautiful model Bella Hadid is not a name who only uses her social media to share her stunning photos, but she is someone who does not spare her support from anyone.

Recently, she went to one of the community refrigerators and shared some snaps from there, and if there were people nearby, she called them to drop or pick something, and in this way, she called attention to these refrigerators.

Here’s what she said:

“@les_communityfridge Grand St between Pitt and Willett go drop something off if you are around, pick something up if you need it ❤️”

Check out the post below.


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