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Bella Hadid Says She Feels So Grateful To Be Alive While Reflecting On The Struggles Of 2020

Bella Hadid Says She Feels So Grateful To Be Alive While Reflecting On The Struggles Of 2020

One of the most recognized supermodels in the world, Bella Hadid has updated her Instagram feed once again right after her 24th birthday celebration and has shared a sincere message that reflects on her thoughts.

It is not possible to organize very big parties due to the epidemic, but this was not a problem for the supermodel. She said in an earlier Instagram post that she likes to modestly celebrate that birthday with her closest friends.

The famous top model, who turned 24 this year, celebrated her birthday with her closest friends on a private plane full of balloons.

Following the celebration of her birthday, Bella shared a new video of herself showing her post-birthday mood and penned down a sincere message about this year. In the caption area, she thanked her followers, fans, and loved ones who send birthday wishes and some love.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Kissing and hugging every one of you from my soul to yours. thank you for the birthday love. this year has been overwhelmingly up and down, but all around I feel so grateful to be alive.”

The caption continued, and she said that she was grateful to be alive while talking about the devastating effects of this year. Additionally, she said that this year is growth, self-realization, and manifestation to her. She continued:

“A year of growth, change, lots of self-realizations, and manifestations. Thank you for being here to watch me grow… Your support means the world to me and during a very melancholy year, you made me feel a lot less alone…”

Finally, she finished her message by thanking her mother for birthing her.

“Thank you 🥺❤️, and thank you to my mommy for birthing me. you are the goat.”

See the Instagram post below.

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