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Bella Hadid Shows Her Bad Habit Even She’s 23

Bella Hadid Shows Her Bad Habit Even She’s 23

The 23-year-old model supermodel, Bella Hadid, has posted some interesting photos of herself with her colleague, Devon Carlson, via her verified and official Instagram account.

On Friday, Bella Hadid has had a great night with Devon Carlson and they have drunk a lot of alcohol together. Bella Hadid has started to share some special poses on Instagram while these events are happening and showed the amazing night of them. The duo was looking very intoxicated in these poses.

In the caption, Bella Hadid wrote some interesting messages to explain what she happened on this amazing night. These photos have reached more than 700k likes and her followers commented about these poses.

Here’s what she captioned:

“Crazy we didn’t even come out of the same womb.”

Devon Carlson saw these photos and commented:


A fan named Kylie Senna wrote this:

“You two are too cute😍😍😍”

Another fan named Nikolina Milicevis asked a bizarre question:

“Zack vodka or short?”

You can see the photos of them right below and click here to reach her Instagram post.

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