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Bella Hadid Shows Off Her Never-Known-Before Talent

Bella Hadid Shows Off Her Never-Known-Before Talent

One of the most well-known faces in fashion, Bella Hadid, has shared an unexpected video of herself via her verified Instagram account and revealed her little-known talent with it.

As we all know, people have quarantined themselves after the deadly coronavirus disease spread to the whole world in a short time. Since the beginning of the quarantine process, people have started doing many activities or challenges to avoid getting bored at staying home and posted them on social media.

Today, Bella Hadid shared some interesting photos and videos on her Instagram account and showed how she spends her time under the self-quarantine amid coronavirus outbreak.

As you can see in the images below, she has gone to the farm of a close friend and had a great day with farm animals today. Also, she has revealed her little-known talent with a video and we learned that she is a good horse rider thanks to it.

In addition, the 23-year-old model supermodel didn’t caption anything with these images but her followers and friends wrote a lot of comments about her riding horse performance.

Paris Hilton liked this post and commented:


A fan named Juu Lower wrote a sincere comment:

“We love horse girl Bella 💙”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below and click here to see more of images:

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