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Bella Thorne Announces Her Radical Decision After The Coronavirus Outbreak

Bella Thorne Announces Her Radical Decision After The Coronavirus Outbreak

 The 22-year-old former Disney Channel star, Bella Thorne, has shared a bunch of interesting photos via her official Instagram account and broke her silence about the coronavirus outbreak.

Currently, over 198K COVID-19 cases have confirmed by the governments since the beginning of this outbreak, and there are 100K patients trying to get through this all around the world. In the United States, 600 people got infected by the coronavirus right now.

Today, Bella Thorne has posted some bizarre photos of herself via Instagram and announced that she locked herself at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Also, she talked about the atmosphere in the home and we learned that she is having a great time thanks to the movies and TV Shows.

In the photos, she was looking very interesting due to her bizarre poses. Also, she has not had any makeup on her face while took these photos and mesmerized her fans thanks to her pure beauty one more time.

Here’s what she wrote:

“If your bored just beat your whole face and watch tv in bed😍 if u haven’t heard it a million times already, STAY INSIDE.”

A fan named Aimen Salman liked this post and commented:

“You’re gorgeous literally at any place and time love you so much❤️”

Another fan named Matize asked a meaningful question:

“Why’re you so fucking pretty?!?!? 😍😍”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.

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