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Bella Thorne Celebrates Birthday Of Her Sister Dani Thorne

Bella Thorne Celebrates Birthday Of Her Sister Dani Thorne

Disney Channel child actress and singer, Bella Thorne, has shared some special photos of her big sister, Dani Thorne, via her official and verified Instagram account due to a good reason.

Yesterday was the 27th birthday of Dani Thorne and her little sister, Bella Thorne doesn’t forget the birthday of her and shared some sweet photos of her sister on Instagram. Also, she has penned down a sincere birthday message for celebrating the 27th birthday of Dani Thorne.

In just a few hours, the photo has reached almost 500k likes and got interesting reactions from the fans over the comment section of Instagram. They have too celebrated the birthday of Dani Thorne in the comments.

Here’s the birthday message of Bella Thorne:

“My most special angel happy birthday beautiful girl❤️ what would I be without u😫.”

The successful stylish, Mikiel Benyamin commented:

“Happy birthday Dani!!!! 💗 @dani_thorne.”

The music producer, Dan Farber added this on the comment:


You can see the post of Bella Thorne right below.

Bella Thorne’s sister, Dani Thorne has not written any message after this post of Bella Thorne, but Dani has shared some recent photos of herself from her birthday party and penned a thanks message for everyone who celebrated her 27th birthday on her Instagram account.

Here’s the message of Dani Thorne:

“GOT THAT BIRTHDAY SASS 💁‍♀️ 🌸 I want to first thank all you guys for giving me love and support all year round. Absolutely love what we’re all building together!!

Thank you to my best friend and sister B, my manager Jen, my family, and MY BUB. And the wonderful surprise from @rach_lerman 🥰 Their support, love, & guidance, has helped me grow into the person I am at this very moment.

Forever thankful for it <3 I’m the most excited I’ve ever been in life thus far!! / and to my other birthday twins HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🌟🍭🎂🦄💘.”

You can see the post of Dani Thorne right below.

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