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Bella Thorne Has A Secret Talent She Never Showed Her Fans, Until Today!

Bella Thorne Has A Secret Talent She Never Showed Her Fans, Until Today!

The 22-year-old former Disney Channel star and social media personality, Bella Thorne, has shared a recent photo of herself on her verified Instagram account and surprised followers with her little-known talent.

If you are a good fan of Bella Thorne, you might see a lot of exciting photos of herself on social media because she almost shares different images every day about herself. She added yet another stunning photo on her Instagram Stories, but this time, she showed off her little-known talent.

As you can see in the photo below, Bella Thorne was working in the studio and playing bass guitar for her unknown project. Frankly, she was looking very cool while playing the instrument.  Also, she was continuing to look fascinating thanks to her immaculate beauty.

She stunned her followers with this photo because they didn’t see anytime while she was playing bass guitar. She didn’t write any captioned with this photo.

You can see the Instagram Stories of her right below.

Photo Credit: Bella Thorne – Instagram Stories

A few weeks ago, the 21-years-old actress had shared a bunch of new photos of herself with her family members, via her official Instagram page and made a sincere statement to celebrate the Easter day of alone people

In one of the photos, Bella Thorne’s mother, Tamara, was having a casual moment with their dog, but it seems like Tamara was attacked by the dog and damaged from her nose. In the caption area, Bella mentioned the photo by confirming her mother’s nose was ripped off by the dog. We all know that it’s a joke but a really funny one.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Happy Easter to all the families is spending it without each other, and having a hard time ❤️ and yes that is my mom getting her nose ripped off.

I’m pretty sure she likes it tho, yes I have little chips in my teeth, and no I don’t want to fix them :)”

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