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Bella Thorne Shares An Exclusive Sneak Peek From Her Unreleased Song

Bella Thorne Shares An Exclusive Sneak Peek From Her Unreleased Song

The world-famous actress, singer, and director who started out her career on the Disney Channel, Bella Thorne, has continued to share unexpected videos about her unreleased song via her official Instagram account.

On March 31, as you can remember, Bella Thorne had shared a surprise video in which she was having an amazing dance performance in it and revealed a piece of her unreleased song with this video. After these images, her fans have started to think that her new project is on the road.

Today, the 21-years-old actress shared two similar videos on her Instagram account and revealed some hints about her unreleased song. She had worked with her sister, Dani Thorne, Mark Evan, Cesar Alan and James Quick for this project.

A few minutes after sharing these videos, her followers wrote a lot of comments to reach her new song in a short time. She saw their messages and asked a question her fans to learn that who wants to listen to her new song tomorrow. We think that it will be released tomorrow via all music stream services.

Here’s the she captioned with these videos:

“For all yah chismosas !!!! …ESTUPIDA

 Thanks, @alicemusic for nominating me for the #unreleasedmusic challenge!!”

She added this message on the comments section:

“Who wants me to release another one tomorrow?”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.

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