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Bella Thorne Stuns Fans With Her Captivating Dance Moves Despite Having A Little Trouble

Bella Thorne Stuns Fans With Her Captivating Dance Moves Despite Having A Little Trouble

Former Disney kid and singer Bella Thorne has just updated her Instagram feed to share a new video of herself showing her attractive dance moves while accompanying her latest hit, Lonely.

Besides her acting career, Bella Thorne is a singer who has proven her singing skills. On October 31st, she released her music video, Lonely, on her OnlyFans account. However, she released an awesome dance video Tuesday morning for fans who are not members of the OnlyFans account.

Bella posted the dance video she shot in her bedroom on Instagram. If you look at the video, the 23-year-old singer goes braless while wearing a white sleeveless crop top and baggy jogger. 

As she shows the camera her most attractive dance moves, the cameraman who is an unidentified person was focusing on her butt and Bella begins to twerk. She looked very charming and fascinating while dancing.

Bella also puts on a video of Lonely’s Instagram hashtag to show that she dances along with her song. However, her song cannot be played due to an error caused by Instagram. Although this situation made Bella a little upset, she encouraged her fans to listen to her song by showing her stunning dance video.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Lonely and …… 🥰😍

Wow, legit just noticed this video doesn’t have sound wtf Instagram!?! Everyone go listen to my song, lonely”

Her amazing video was viewed more than 800k times by her admirers and many fans made a lot of comments to send some love for the beautiful singer and actress.

A fan named bigdog1697 commented:

“Good morning lovely!💙”

Another fan named drippy.daee wrote:


See the Instagram video below.

You can also listen to Bella’s song Lovely via Youtube below.

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