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Better Call Saul Creator Feels Nervous For Finale Season After Seeing Negative Comments About Game Of Thrones

Better Call Saul Creator Feels Nervous For Finale Season After Seeing Negative Comments About Game Of Thrones

During a recent extended interview as part of our’ Collider Connected’ series, one of the creators of Better Call Saul, Peter Gould, talked about the finale season and revealed if he feels pressure to deliver on the final season.

After a great five seasons, the creators of Better Call Saul began preparations to deliver the 6th, so it’s mean that the finale season. Of course, there is also the stress of writing the finale season.

When asked if he feels pressure on him, he said that creating finale season made him feel nervous, especially after seeing the 8th season of Game Of Thrones, which was received a lot of negative criticism by fans. He stated:

“I really hope we stick the landing. People are really tough on series-enders now. It’s making me a little nervous… It’s very tough to take, in our case it’ll be 63 hours roughly of story and then run it to a satisfying conclusion.

And then plus we have the Breaking Bad of it. My hair is going to fall out in the next five seconds talking about it. We’ll do our best. I’m excited.”

Gould also explained the reason behind the series expanding episodes to 13 for season 6 instead of the traditional 10 episodes. He said:

“It’s really a thumbnail. We talked about it a lot, and one of the concerns I had was I kept saying I barely survived, physically, making it through 10 episodes, how are we going to do 13? And Tom Schnauz said to me, ‘You’ll know it’s the last 13 so you’ll see the barn in the distance.

You’ll be like the horse that gallops down the last bit.’ But we also have a lot to do. We have a lot of stories. It’s a little bit of a guess, to be honest with you. What’s the right number? Is it 9? Is it 16? 10 doesn’t seem like enough, and I don’t think we’re physically capable of making 15—and it would probably take so long that everyone would be bored of waiting for us. So we kind of settled on 13, and I have to say, here we are breaking Episode 4, and I think it’s the right number.”

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