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Betty Who Reveals She Wants ‘Bunch Of Beyonce’ For Bizarre Reason

Betty Who Reveals She Wants ‘Bunch Of Beyonce’ For Bizarre Reason

During a recent interview with Billboard, Australian pop singer Betty Who has shared her thoughts about pride, mental health, and new music.

She also revealed her dream event. Betty Who said that she would like a ‘bunch of Beyonce‘ playing at the dance party. She said:

“A California sunset. Like a Malibu moment with a couple of harder moments but a more low key yoga flow. Like a vinyasa yoga class. Followed by a few cocktails and a bunch of Beyonce playing at a dance party.”

Australian pop singer also mentioned about next album and new record. She said:

“Oh, I f—ing hope so. At the end of the day, I want to make music I can dance to. I want to make music for my show more than anything. It’s the most important thing to me and I hope I continue to make the show better and better.

Especially because with this tour, I feel like it’s the best show I’ve ever put on. I’m looking forward to making more music now that I know what I can do. I’m motivated to get better and grow. My options are endless.”

27 years-old continued about the new record but she didn’t give more details of it. She stated:

“Honestly, I could not tell you. My whole future’s kind of up in the air right now. You know, I released an independent album and now I’m like, “What do I do next?” That’s the question on everyone’s minds. I’m definitely getting in the studio, I’m hoping to play more shows in the fall, and just keep hustlin’. I feel ready. Put me in, coach!”

Check out the Betty Who’s ‘I Remember’ music below.

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