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Big Sean Reveals Exciting Details Of Upcoming Album

Big Sean Reveals Exciting Details Of Upcoming Album

Hip-hop star Big Sean spoke in an interview with Boom 103.9’s Mina SayWhat, Big Sean called out to fans his new album will coming soon. He said:

“So I’ve been making this music for the past year going through ups and downs. It’s definitely to me is my best music…it’s heartfelt. It’s everything I wanted it to be.”

He continued:

“It’s electrifying, too: It has energy to it so you know I’m on the way back. It’s not too far off so it’s definitely coming this year.”

He also explained about his feeling work with Meek Mill. Big Sean said:

“That’s my dog, we was actually working on something for the the future. So shoutout my brother Meek. He puts on for Philly like no other.”

Check out the full video below.

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