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Bill & Ted Face the Music Star Alex Winter Clarifies Who Should Play ‘Wolverine’

Bill & Ted Face the Music Star Alex Winter Clarifies Who Should Play ‘Wolverine’

One of the ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ actors, Alex Winter, has shared his opinion on the new Wolverine and his choice is not unexpected.

Wolverine actually joined the X-Men to kill Charles Xavier. But, in 1975, Marvel relaunched the X-Men and created the Second Genesis team who is a new and international group. Therefore, the X-Men soon became one of the MCU’s best comics.

On the cinema, Wolverine was portrayed by Hugh Jackman and he made his debut as Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men. Jackman ultimately played the character for 16 years and reached the top with Logan, which was released in 2017.

The FanExpo Canada Twitter account started a new discussion and asked who should be the new Wolverine. Fans nominated many actors from Ryan Reynolds to Antony Starr.

But the most interesting and unexpected advice came from Alex Winter. The actor shared a GIF of his co-star, Keanu Reeves, for the role of Wolverine, saying he should play. Some fans liked his idea, but some found it unreasonable. The general opinion was that Keanu Reeves was too old for this role.

A fan nicknamed Schockwave75 commented:

“Hey, Keanu would be great, but he’s too old. He’s older than Hugh Jackman was when he started the role. We need someone who can commit to between 7-10 movies. He’s 56 now, do the math.”

Another fan nicknamed Dylan said:

“I like this. A Wolverine whose anger is sort of a low boil is a cool, fresh take on the character. And the nonchalance jibes with a century of shrugging off major injuries.”

Check out the Twitter posts below.

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