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Billie Eilish Admits Why Her Oscar Performance Was ‘Trash’

Billie Eilish Admits Why Her Oscar Performance Was ‘Trash’

During a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple’s ‘New Music Daily,’ pop singer Billie Eilish has shared her thoughts about her the Academy Award ceremony performance and said that it was trash.

The 18-year-old singer took the stage at this year’s Oscar’s memorial service for some of the legends who passed away last year. She appeared on the stage to sing The Beatles’ iconic song, Yesterday. She thought it was a bad performance although most fans thought it was a touching and beautiful tribute.

Billie Eilish stated that she had sick on the night of the Oscar. The young singer also admitted that she was way out of the comfort zone while on stage at the 92nd Academy Awards.

Here’s what Billie Eilish stated:

“That sh*t was trash.

The Oscars are not my …I’m not used to that. At least the Grammy’s wasn’t as scary because it was, like, artists… and it felt like my people. It felt like, oh look, a bunch of artists, and I knew a lot of them already and I’d met them and they knew of me.

The Oscars, I’m like, these are movie stars. Totally different, the show is so scary… it was so scary.”

She continued:

‘That sh*t was terrifying. Just glad it was over.”

Watch Billie Eilish Oscar’s performance below.

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