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Billie Eilish Reveals Her Reaction When She Hears Her Song First Time In Public

Billie Eilish Reveals Her Reaction When She Hears Her Song First Time In Public

In the anniversary issue of 20 years of V Magazine, Pharrell and Billie Eilish came together for an interview. Pharrell asks the questions and Billie Eilish replies all question in all sincerity.

Pharrell asked her the following question, for the first time where and when she heard her own song. When Billie heard her song, she explained that she was in an abandoned vegan ice cream parlor. 17-year-old replied:

 “I was actually in a vegan ice cream shop in the middle of nowhere and it was completely empty. [It was] me, my brother, and my dad, and we just wanted to go get some vegan ice cream. [The place] felt really abandoned… But as we were ordering, “Ocean Eyes” started playing.

I started dancing around the room because no one was in there. It was kind of surreal… For what you make in your little space—your bedroom, studio or whatever—to end up in some random vegan ice cream shop. For me, it was super impactful and meaningful: That’s my song, that’s my creation.”

‘Bad Guy’ artist also explained that it doesn’t matter to her that she just at a tiny ice cream shop. She continued:

“It didn’t matter that it was just some little ice cream shop. Even that was a huge deal for me. It’s the same thing with shows; you can do a show that’s a thousand people and maybe you don’t enjoy it as much as a little tiny room with like 400 people where the energy is through the roof. It’s really not about the quantity or the quality of stuff—it’s more just the energy in the room and the actual connection there”

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