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Billie Eilish Reveals How She Transforms Her Nightmares Into The Art

Billie Eilish Reveals How She Transforms Her Nightmares Into The Art

As in “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go” album, fans were wondering what Billie Eilish was dreaming of.

In a recent interview with V Magazine, Billie Eilish has revealed what does she dream about. She explained that she has never had a good relationship with sleeping from since she was young. She stated:

What do I dream about? Oh my God. I have never had a good relationship with sleeping or anything involving sleeping. From since I was really young, I’ve had nightmares and sleep paralysis. It takes me hours to fall asleep. I only last year started having sleep paralysis, but I would say that might be one of the worst things in the whole world.

I just have been imprisoned in my nightmares, night terrors, lucid dreams, and sleep paralysis. At a certain point I was like, “Yo, this is ruining my personality.” There was a point where I was having the same nightmare for two months, and it was getting into my head. It was making me talk different, it was making me treat people different, and kind of maneuver different.”

“Bad Guy” singer showed how she transformed all these dreams into art. She continued:

“It was weird to see that because it’s literally a fake thing in your own mind, but it affects you in this insane way. Instead of letting myself suffer in it, I was like, “You know what, I’m going to take this shit and I am going to turn it into art,” and I literally did. I made a whole album out of it and I made a video.

I made an experience and exhibit about it. The thing is, my dreams haven’t changed. If anything it made it worse, because I kind of spooked myself. Like I kind of creeped myself out because, after we shot the “Bury A Friend” video, which is very kind of horror movie-esque, I started having these horrible nightmares. I saw [things] outside my window and I couldn’t sleep for days. I may have sabotaged myself but at least I made a fucking work of art out of it.”

Eilish also added:

“I was in London like a couple of months ago and I had this dream. I woke up from it and we were with a couple of people from my creative team, and I was like, “I dreamt the video for ‘Ilomilo’ last night.” I wrote it all down, and I explained it all, and I made a whole mood-board and we are going to create that video soon. So literally, what you just said is completely accurate and it’s fucking crazy. “

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