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Billie Eilish Reveals The Biggest Misconception About Her

Billie Eilish Reveals The Biggest Misconception About Her

In the anniversary issue of 20 years of V MagazinePharrell and Billie Eilish came together for an interview. Pharrell asks the questions and Billie Eilish replies all question in all sincerity.

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Pharrell asked her the following question, what people’s biggest misconception about her.

Billie Eilish that stated people think her biggest misconception is that she wears baggy clothes for a different reason. ‘Bad Guy’ singer explained that there was no specific reason why she wore baggy clothes.

Here’s the statement below.

“Oh man, I have thought about that a lot. There are a lot of misconceptions. I think the one that’s more recent, and I don’t know if it’s a misconception or just something that I really don’t like, which is that there is a whole kind of…you know [the way] I dress is very not necessarily feminine, or girly, or whatever.

I wear baggy shit and I wear what I want; I don’t say, “Oh, I am going to wear baggy clothes because it’s baggy clothes.” It’s never like that. It’s more, just, I wear what I want to wear. But of course, everyone sees it as, “She’s saying no to being sexualized,” and, “She’s saying no to being the stereotypical female.” It’s a weird thing because I know a lot of what I hear is a positive or people trying to be positive about how I dress; how I am never really out there wearing nothing, or wearing dresses.

I’ve heard that. [Even] from my parents, [the] positive [comments] about how I dress have this slut-shaming element. Like, “I am so glad that you are dressing like a boy so that other girls can dress like boys so that they aren’t sluts.” That’s basically what it sounds like to me. And I can’t [overstate how] strongly I do not appreciate that, at all. And they aren’t specifically saying that, but it feels like that. I have never ever looked at a girl who feels comfortable in her clothes, body, and skin and thought, “Ew, that’s gross, she is showing too much,” or, “I wish people wouldn’t wear that.” I have never in my life felt that way.

I have always supported and fucked with and just loved when a woman or a man or anyone in the world feel comfortable in their skin, their body, to show just whatever they want. I don’t like that there’s this weird new world of supporting me by shaming people that [may not] want to [dress like me].”

A month ago, a recent interview with Vogue Australia, 17 years-old indie-pop singer Billie Eilish has revealed why she wears baggy clothes.

The ‘bad guy’ singer explained her outfits purposefully conceal her body so that the media can’t body shame her.

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