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Billy Ray Cyrus Responds To Speculations That He’s Endorsing Donald Trump

Billy Ray Cyrus Responds To Speculations That He’s Endorsing Donald Trump

Country singer and actor, Billy Ray Cyrus, recently sent a well-wishes message to First Lady Melaine Trump, who was tested for coronavirus, and published a photo of himself with Melaine. However, fans thought he supports Donald Trump and would vote for him. Cyrus openly responded to all these speculations in a different post.

In his first post, the 59-year-old country crooner took to Twitter on Thursday to share a picture of himself with the first lady and to wish her well in her fight against coronavirus.

Here’s what he said:

“‪Hope you are feeling better Melaine Trump. This photo was almost exactly a year ago. Thank you again for the compassion and time you shared with Channing’s Dad and his bother. #BeBest #SuicidePrevention‬”

After many fans claimed that he would vote for Donald Trump and endorse him, Cyrus made a new statement and told the special story he had with Melanie Trump.

Billy said the picture he shared with Melanie was not an endorsement, but a reflection of a special moment he had with her, based on a heartbreaking story about a teenager who killed himself after being bullied.

Here’s what he said:

“I am sitting here reading the comments on my last post thinking… #WhatToHeck! But I am also happy to see you all so passionate about this election; that means democracy is alive and well. The picture I posted with Melania was not an endorsement, but a reflection on a special moment I had human to human with her over a heartbreaking story about a young teenage boy who killed himself after being bullied. The first lady met with me and his grieving father to talk about how we can help fix this problem.

We were only expecting a few minutes of her time, but she ended up speaking with us for over an hour. She had asked why this issue was so important to me, and I told her that I unfortunately lost my best friend to suicide at 18 years old. I had brought his picture and she held it in her lap for the entire visit.”

He also proved how a fanatical democrat he is by talking about his father’s past. He even shared his experience with Democratic candidate, Joe Biden. He continued:

“To be honest, I come from a long line of Democrats. My father, who I have always looked up to, worked in the Kentucky state legislature for 20 years and was the head of the Kentucky AFLCIO… in fact, somewhere out there is a photo of me as a teenager with my father and Joe Biden when he came to meet with my Dad and the AFLCIO in Kentucky!

My father always fought for the rights of the incredible working class folks in Kentucky and told me it was important to do the same. Fast forward to 1992, when George Bush Sr. was president and sent me the letter you see here congratulating me on winning a CMA for ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ after I sent him and Barbara a signed photo they had requested.

A few years later, I saw him when he gave me the Congressional Medal of Honor Bob Hope Artist Award for ‘Some Gave All.'”

He also talked about the event he attended with former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton during their presidency. Saying that he felt the need to explain and clarify his past, Cyrus said he does not support anyone and is just trying to go the right way. He added:

“All of this leads me to the point that I am not currently telling you who to vote for, nor will I ever tell you who to vote for. But I AM telling you that your vote matters and is to be cherished. Check out my song “We The People” featuring legends Waylon Jennings, Montgomery Gentry and John Anderson. I get chills when I heard Waylon and John reciting the Preamble to the Constitution in the middle of the song.

I felt the need to explain my background and make it clear; I am not endorsing anybody. I am listening, watching and you best believe voting… and I hope you are too. “

See the Instagram post below.

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