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Biz Markie Reveals Why He Paid His Debt To 50 Cent In A Different Way

Biz Markie Reveals Why He Paid His Debt To 50 Cent In A Different Way

Rapper legend Biz Markie had recently found himself at the end of a 50 Cent turmoil that once again saw his old friend across the road. Of course, Markie paid her debt, only he chose to attend the congress and put food stamps.

During a recent talk with TMZ, Biz Markie has revealed why he paid his debt to 50 Cent with food stamps.

The veteran rapper said:

“First of all, let me tell you something with 50. I knew 50 from the early 90s, 80s. We went to the Chinese restaurant one time. He bought the food, and I owed him. Since there’s interest, and he got mad at me. I didn’t really want to go to court so I paid him back. I had to pay him off in food stamps. They good luck. I’m old school.”

He continued:

 “If you borrow, you gotta pay back. Bottom line. It doesn’t matter, you still owe! He was nice enough to lend the money out, you should be nice enough to give it back. Let me tell you something. He probably going to try to use them in some way, somehow. Probably put them in the house or something. But I paid him back! Good luck!”

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