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Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend Seemingly Was Bothered By Angelina Jolie’s Fans

Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend Seemingly Was Bothered By Angelina Jolie’s Fans

Brad Pitt has stuck alone for a while after the end of his dream marriage with Angelina Jolie, which was envied by many people. After this separation, Pitt began to be known as “Hollywood’s most popular bachelor” and Brad Pitt, whose name was involved in various love rumours, was even asked to reunite with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Anniston. But apparently, the handsome actor lost his heart to a young model.

Although it was spoken that 56-year-old Pitt had a love affair with 27-year-old young German model Nicole Poturalski, there was no clear statement. However, many rumours have been raised about the couple after they were seen together at an airport in France.

After the divorce of such a loved and admired couple in the world, it is normal put the young model Nicole Poturalski under a scope. Because of the followers who over did the dose of critics and started to make hateful comments, the young model eventually had to rebel and told the haters that they don’t need to follow people who they don’t like or love, and that it was a very easy thing to do.

Poturalski explained that she will never understand people who write hateful comments in the stories of her Instagram account, and that she will never understand what is the purpose of it, and that this situation is upsetting and very rude.

Check out her Intagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Nicole Poturalski

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