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Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Devastated After Learned The Passing Of His Close Friend

Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Devastated After Learned The Passing Of His Close Friend

Bryan Cranston, who is known for his role as Walter White in the Breaking Bad series, penned down a heartbreaking open letter after he learned the unexpected death of his close friend and also successful actress, Royana Black.

Royana Black Hubbell, who is a Broadway and sitcom actress, died in Los Angeles on July 14 while following a cancer battle. She was just 47 years old. Most of her friends and fans saddened with the death news of her.

Bryan Cranston devastated after he learned the death of his close friend and took to Instagram to pay his tribute to his close friend with a heartbreaking letter. He also mentioned the old days of themselves.

Here is the emotional letter of Bryan Cranston to Royana:

I’m saddened today to learn of the passing of Royanna Black. This picture is how I remember her. She played the titular character in a series called “Raising Miranda” back in 1988. I played her wacky uncle on the show.

She was so impressive, and not just her talent, but her intelligence and warmth. So sweet. So observant. My favorite moment was one day when I watched her studying our co-star, James Naughton’s face, and finally realized something. She announced to anyone within earshot, “I know who you look like now! You look like Fred Flintstone!” James was stunned, while I fell off my chair with laughter.

Dear Royanna, not intending her pronouncement to be insulting, quickly added, “…in a good way.” Which brought me to hysterics – and even made James laugh. Great memories. Rest now, old friend, you are fondly remembered and dearly loved.”

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.

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