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Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Mourns The Loss Of Congressman John Lewis

Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Mourns The Loss Of Congressman John Lewis

The successful American actor Bryan Cranston, who is best known for his role as Walter White in the Breaking Bad series, took to Instagram after he heard the sad death news of civil rights leader, John Lewis, and penned down a heartbreaking goodbye letter for him.

On Friday, July 18, the passing of civil rights leader and long-time United States congressman Rep. John Lewis passed away after a six-month battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 80. Most of the celebrities, politicians, and sportswomen-man took to social media to pay their respect to him after they heard the sad death news of John Lewis.

One of them was Bryan Cranston. He posted a throwback photo that is taken when John came to his play called ‘Broadway’ on Instagram and penned down a heartbreaking message to pay respect to him.

Here’s what Bryan wrote for John Lewis:

“I’m mourning the great John Lewis. I’ve spoken to him a few times in private, and he came to my Broadway play, All The Way, about Lyndon Johnson, Martin Luther King, and the civil rights act of 1964.

He was gracious and kind and a fierce proponent of peaceful protest for human dignity and justice. He will be missed, but his legacy is evident in #BLM and will live on. Rest now, sir, you’ve done your part…now it’s up to us.

#johnlewis #civilrights #martinlutherking #blacklivesmatter.”

A user named Sogand Bahadori commented:

“Beautiful words.”

Another user named Barzinak Havan wrote:

“A true American hero.”

You can see the post of Bryan Cranston right below.

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